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Yes! The real estate industry is well prepared for virtual marketing which includes 3D Videos, floor plans, photos, and online platforms. Serious buyers, especially in this market, are well accustomed to receiving information digitally, and understand that most of the data needed to evaluate a real estate purchase can be provided in that format.  Nothing can fully replace the experience of physically touring a property, and that part of the process will doubtless return, but the truth is that buyers’ awareness of available properties and sorting through those to narrow the search online had already changed the way real estate is sold before restrictions on physical property showings came into being.  Real estate professionals have adapted to this new environment, as have their associations (California Association of Realtors and county associations).  AFI Real Estate is ready to market your property utilizing all the tools available.  In fact, over several years many of our investor clients living outside the United States bought and sold properties they had never visited, based not only on images we were able to convey (much improved recently), but also on the reliable analysis we were able to provide, and the trust we earned by performance.
Now all participants in residential sales are becoming familiar and quite comfortable with closing transactions in the era of social distancing.
Our local buyers feel secure, and they are employed. Most properties are sold to local buyers. We take our time to qualify every buyer and there is no time wasted. We only show the properties to qualified buyers. These buyers start by reviewing floor plans and taking virtual tours on line before visiting the property. New virtual tools allow us to prepare videos in advance or handle showings by Zoom or Face-time, making it more personal.  In addition to virtual tours, property inspections and the entire financing process, including appraisals, are now handled either remotely or with minimal personal contact.  The transactional documents are completely electronic and easy to manage. Title companies handle closings remotely.  
The banks are lending and unprecedented low interest rates are very appealing to serious buyers. Sellers have to price their properties correctly and agents have to market the property with focus. The question is whether the buyers down payment is available or in stocks? A good number of the Hi-Tech buyers cashed out last November. Their companies went IPO last spring and they had to wait 6 months to cash out and they did. The buyer of T1-8H is a good example of the average Tech-industry situation. She was ready to buy in December. Now is a good time for buyers to focus on their goals, and part of our job is to help them see the opportunity that your property offers.  
Please let us know if we may be of service. 

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