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AFI Real Estate Is Still Here!

AFI Real Estate has been a part of the SoMa/South Beach community for over 10 years now and we are here to stay! Sure our name has been through some revisions from AFI + Associates to AFI Portfolio Real Estate to now AFI Real Estate, however; we assure you that we have not become KB Homes. Although it may seem that we are no longer around if you have driven by our location at 200 Brannan Street in South Beach, do not fret for this is merely a step on a path towards a new AFI Real Estate. We will admit that our offices are momentarily being occupied by KB Homes who are building, and now selling, their condos right around the block at 72 Townsend Street. KB is here to sell their units and we hope to be the experts of the area who bring them the home owners they are looking for. Our partnership to sell at this wonderful location will end as soon as their own home models and sales office is built at which point we will resume occupying our amazing location again!

What does that mean for the time being? Lots of coffee shops and great food! We have been taking this opportunity to wine and dine locally with our clients as well as use home business offices or local building amenitie rooms such as the Infinity Club House where our Top Producer Malin P. Kansal resides. As our team continues to play, live, and work in San Francisco, it hasn’t been a difficult adjustment and we are excited to return to our offices after it gets a face lift. Renew and rebuild is our motto for 2015. We are excited to stay and continue to serve our SoMa/South Beach and greater San Francisco clients for decades to come.


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