AFI Portfolio Real Estate

Afi + Associates Portfolio Real Estate & RBC Wealth Management Workshop

This event has passed. See upcoming events.

The Next 2-3 Years: The Best Opportunity to Acquire Assets in 50 Years

The workshop will be presented by RBC Wealth Management Private Wealth Team:

  • Travis Buchanan - Financial Consultant
  • Doug Tarlton - Wealth Planning & Insurance Consultant
  • Pam Goldman - Wealth Strategies Consultant - Estate & High Net Worth
  • Stephen Foster - International Investment & Estate Planning
RBC Team Will Cover the Following Workshop Topics:
  • Private Wealth Team Overview
  • Allocating Your Wealth
  • Non-Real Estate Allocation
  • Estate Planning Techniques & Examples
  • International Planning Techniques & Examples
  • Insurance Planning Techniques & Examples

This event has passed. See upcoming events.